Monday, April 19, 2010

Blog 10- Why I said what I said to Dafney Figaro and Eduardo Morales

The first blog I commented on was Dafney Figaro's ad, which was on a video game. I commented that she took a very good angle on the ad because it was geared towards men and even though the game has very little to do with women and more with racing, it's main focus is a provocative woman. The ad analysis mainly describes this woman which is good because the background is blurred causing her to stand out even more. The ad is very well analyzed and describes exactly what the viewer should be looking at since the general audience for the game will be men.

Second I commented on Eduardo Morales's blog. While his ad analysis was very descriptive and well written I felt that he should have talked about the text on the ad more. While the image of the ad was described thoroughly in the analysis that focused mainly on the male viewers, a dominant male standing tall; the shot is taken from a downward angle to show a woman on the floor with the man towering over her in dominance. The text implies that the man and woman were recently in a relationship and I feel like that probably would aim at a different type of viewer, possibly females. However the ad analysis was still very thorough and well written.

Being a stranger commenting on a blog did not affect me but I feel like it might affect how my comment is viewed, since the people have no clue who I am. While critiquing I learned to focus on positive and negative feedback. If you give a little of both I feel that the receiver is more likely to take note.

Blog 9- Research

Thesis-a subject for a composition or essay
Research- investigate carefully
Argument- a statement, reason, or fact for or against a point
Claim- to assert or maintain as a fact
reasons- a statement presented in justification or explanation of a belief or action
evidence-that which tends to prove or disprove something; ground for belief; proof

After Reading the mid-term media assignment, and defining the terms, I need to come up with a solid thesis. Then I need to conduct research from various sources and come up with arguments, reasons, and evidence to support my claim. As I stand now I feel that television influences behavior. Given the amount of television people watch it becomes a constant experience impacting their life.

MLA Format consists of the Author, Title, copyright and page in a specific style.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog 12

Today I found a lot of good websites with experiments and statistics that will help me to write my paper. I have many sources to back up my claim that television leads to violence, however I am still evaluating this since there are also experiments that disagree with my claim. I still need to put together some type of format so that I can figure out how I am going to elaborate for 10 pages on this topic. I also read up on Tannis Macbeth Williams who conducted an experiment on a Canadian town when it first recieved TV finally in 1973. I am finding it difficult to find more examples like this one, as it is difficult to conduct an experiment on an entire town. Hopefully I have enough information at this point to begin my paper and support my claim with enough evidence.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blog 11

Claim-an assertion of something as a fact
reasons-a statement presented in justification or explanation of a belief or action.
evidence-that which tends to prove or disprove something; ground for belief; proof.

After some research I have come up with the claim that television and media in general can lead to violence but not in all circumstances. Television has been blamed in many cases of murder or violent acts, but I don't think it condones it and only believe it is used as an excuse. However it is difficult for media sources, because not only is violence a part of our every day life through the news, but it is also what people want to watch. The percentage of violence on television shows continues to grow according to many studies. I need to further my research and come up with more information, statistics, and evidence to support my claim.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog 8-MOMI

1. How many names are typically on the credit roll?
2. Who was the makeup artist who invented a thinner greasepaint for movies?
3. What did Greg Cannom use to inject the molds from “Cocoon”?
4. What music played while a silent film was going on?
5. What camera made home filmmaking possible?
6. Who pioneered the close up?
7. What was the first step in transferring sound to video or film?
8. Sounds were first recorded on films by using?
9. What part of the picture elements can be manipulated?
10. What is a director of photography called?
11. What were photographic devices originally made for?
12. What did the Mitchell 35mm camera do to breakthrough?
13. What does a green screen combine?
14. What was the first hand held 35mm camera to be widely accepted?
15. What was handy looky?
16. What bit microprocessor is in the Genesis?
17. What was the first sound film?
18. When did it open?
19. Who created the telephone?
20. ----In what year?
21. The first lantern was built in?
22. What are the benefits of using foam latex for special effects makeup?
23. New York’s 500 Nickelodeons entertained how many people circa 1907?
24. Who were some of the first entrepreneurs to acquire legitimate theaters for chains and movie houses?
25. Why were studios forced to sell their theaters in 1948?
26. Which movies are shown in the 2 microscopes?
27. What are some of the camera options for the video flipbook exhibit?
28. How many of Bill Cosby’s sweaters from the Cosby Show are on display?
29. How many suits worn by Richard Gere in Chicago are on display?
30. Whose body suit is on display, and from what movie?
31. How many frames are needed to make a 10 second animation?
32. Which movie can you put your voice over in the soundroom?
33. How many head sculptures from from Starman?

Kenneth Stockwell, Helen Alzate, Seung Yon (Jenny) Oh, Fernando Torres, Ashley Turzio

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blog 7

So far I am a few weeks into the semester and this class is one of my favorites. Unlike a class that I will not mention everything is online and very easily accessible from anywhere. I hate when teachers have a syllabus and revise it constantly throughout the semester because I feel like it is pointless to have made it in the first place. Thankfully this class seems like it is going to avoid that.
Also this class is the only 2 hour and 15 minute class where I do not find myself staring at the clock because everything moves so slowly. In this class I can go at my own pace and I always have something else I could be doing. There is a lot of writing but that is what I expected from an English class in the first place so I am not so overwhelmed. My only complaint so far is that I don’t want to continue writing blogs or papers the way I do if they are wrong. While everyone elses criticism and support helps me they are not the ones grading my paper. I want to know your criticism so that I don’t have to end up with a bad set of grades for the first blogs.
This class is much better than I anticipated and the cluster is interesting as well. I do not really understand though how some teachers can handle their entire class on blackboard or another site while others do not even give you an email address. In my book, it should be all or nothing, having it both ways is almost more aggravating than not having the computer to help me at all.

Semester Plan

This semester I choose to take the Film and Media Cluster. It consists of several classes that are related in certain ways and not in others. The cluster is a nice change because it allows the assignments to be related and written work and projects are spaced out accordingly. This will allow me ample time to get my projects complete as opposed to last semester where I had three 4-5 pg papers due in one day.